BSNL Broadband Home Plans

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Many people in India use the BSNL telecom connection at their business offices and homes. It comes up with new tariff plans to attract the other users to their services. BSNL has come up with BSNL broadband home plans for users at home. They are Home 500C and Home 500C+. Now, people willing for BSNL broadband connection at home will not require paying extra for telephone rental. The phone rental is included in these plans. Difference between the two plans lies in the data transfer facility. Combo 500 is for users that use less internet usage and Combo 500+ is for people using high internet usage.  Some of the features in both the plans are similar like Bandwidth of both the plans is up to 2 Mbps or 256 Kbps, additional charges for extra usage is only Rs 0.80 per call, Unlimited Night usage and Hire period of 3 months. It differs in monthly charges, Customer’s option for Annual Payment, Upload Limit/Download - 1.5GB for 500C plan and 2.5GB for 500C+ plan, free calls are 175 and 50 respectively for the two plans. One can find all about the BSNL broadband home plans details and the new plans and tariff from nearest internet dealer or over the internet. BSNL has its own website and many other websites provide these information. There are two types of BSNL broadband tariffs – DSL broadband tariff and WiMax broadband tariff. Under DSL tariff schemes, one will be able to find details about 5 other tariff schemes for prepaid users, postpaid users, FTTH internet service of broadband, VPN over broadband tariff and other promotional plans for the internet users, all over the country.

There are two plans for the Home users in the Broadband service of BSNL. General Home plan and BSNL broadband unlimited home plans are the two plans and their tariff rates and details is very much liked by the different users. These services like internet service on high speed, Multicasting, VPN, Video-on Demand and many other such services are provided on the existing infrastructure that uses copper wires. The BSNL plans on Broadband services for business users and Home with new usage plans are being devised and made available to the public. BBG 125, BBG 250, BBG FN 500, BBG 700 are the plans available for all the users.

Their monthly charges are 125,250,500 and 700 respectively. It also offers BSNL broadband unlimited home plans for users that use internet all the time. For them, this unlimited plan will solve all their problems with its new monthly tariff and other charges on the usage service. Various other plans such as Limited plans on home combo scheme, Home standalone scheme are also available to the BSNL users. It is advised that people or the users gather all the information about speed, usage and other information before choosing the broadband plan for them or their home or at their business office.